Welcome to my OCA Self & Other Blog.

In order to provide concise and organised work (as requested in previous assessments), I have arranged this blog so you can access an edited selection of reflection posts along with key Assignments & Exercises using the menu system along the top of the screen (desktop version).  However, since writing helps me to work through things, there is a great deal more buried here. If you wish to delve deeper and see more ongoing reflection, ideas coming to fruition, pondering about influences, etc. please use the Category drop-down box available on the right side of the screen, then scroll down through the results. Some posts may appear in more than one category.

My site is open to the public but occasional blog posts will be protected by a password. OCA students and tutors can email me for access.

I have completed two other OCA courses: The Art of Photography and Understanding Visual Culture and am looking forward to developing further with this course.

See some of my projects at www.sarahjanefield.com or commercial work at  www.sarahjanefield.co.uk

Image (c)SJField 2016