Projects: 1.1 & 1.3 test shoot

Last Friday evening I went along to the pub where I will be doing some portraits to satisfy the requirements for the above. I wanted to just get a feel for working in that space on my own rather than at an event. It’s not a perfect space but it is much better than what I have access to elsewhere by a long shot – space wise. And Brendan, the landlord, is very keen for his space to become an artistic community hub – so I am lucky to have access to it.

I am still thinking about how I approach these exercises although I’m fairly certain I will present them together as one exercise and will give my reasons when I do. I may also use the space for one set of the assignment images. (I am shooting the first set  on Friday this week, not at the pub, which feels a bit weird.)

Here are some examples from the other evening. I have no idea which if any, will be included in the end – let’s see.

There are more here:

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