Ideas: A3 “a continuous coming to light and disappearance of ephemeral entities”

Brief: Create a series of 6 images that show your different selves

Main aim: In the words of Carlo Rovelli when he describes reality, perhaps I am also a “restless swarming of things; a continuous coming to light and disappearance of ephemeral entities”. (2014)

Sometimes I imagine myself dead. I picture my dead feet, my dead body, my dead face. If I live to be an old woman, the atoms which formed the baby I was at birth will have been almost entirely replaced by the time I die.

(Interesting for me to re-read this plan for UVC – the things I say about language and categories is useful, and good to see the ideas I have been having in S&O are a continuation and extension of those ideas)


Voice > speech > meaning …?

A short experiment  – short video clip of 5 ducks, two adults and 3 children (a little like the social ‘ideal’ of what/how my family might be but isn’t)

Referring to the Rovelli quote I wanted to remove the reality filter (see my reflection on filters) we are used to seeing

I have slowed down speech and used technology to change the sound of speech, and the nature in which that speech takes place….

(c)SJField 2017



Added later – After posting this I started playing around with adding fragments of text like I did in the earlier experiement on this page. Looking back at that slideshow now, I think it lacks definition, perhaps because of the randomness and I also want to talk about the various renderings I tried out, and our pre-conceptions in photography vs. video but I will so in a a different post.



7 thoughts on “Ideas: A3 “a continuous coming to light and disappearance of ephemeral entities”

      • Just looked at it once again – the voice made me shutter – creepy- reminded me of something from a film. The tree twig appearing and disappearing- intrusive. Not sure whether it is my current mental stage , or. Hoped for some relief coming – well the voice didn’t come back 🙂 not sure about the finish… wondering if something is missing ? Anyhow – kept my full attention and took me to place I don’t know

      • Thank you. Yes, I see the twig is intrusive, it’s a shame it’s there. Will think about it. The voice comes back in the next clip I’ve uplaoded on a new post. The finish at the moment doesnt work but it may when I’ve added sound from the next clip… or I will need to edit them together another way. I’m not sure the text works either but let me know!

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