A5 Early experiment​

I’m not going to go any further with this but putting it here as a sketch in the ongoing process…

Things I’ve picked up on from reading and listening to things about Maya Deren’s work which chime with me

  • Moving image offers an opportunity to express without verbalising – stills do too but there is a quite a lot of pressure to use text somewhere and
  • Moving image lends itself to visual poetry
  • You start with reality and use that to create, to express rather than attempting to create reality
  • Reality exists and doesn’t need to you (existential conundrums here but essentially….)
  • The camera doesn’t need you at all and can be entirely mechanised to record reality automatically but when creating YOU make the film – it’s your expression – use the medium, don’t follow it blindly
  • Use the techniques available to you with the equipment you’re using to make things that can only be made with that equipment rather than trying to emulate a different medium… (the phone camera is a strange thing in this regard because there are so many  apps which are designed to emulate other mediums)
  • This extends what I was saying earlier in the course  – maybe in preparation for A3 – experiment with the technology and don’t worry about being crass, or ersatz since so very much of our society is just that – simulacrum and simulation everywhere (this is where my commercial  – or in Wendy’s words, my studio practice – are veering quite far apart now.   The advertising images are heading in one direction and this work in the complete opposite. That’s’ actually been quite hard for me to allow but I think I’m doing so now – although it is very challenging for many reasons
  • You can make work with very little  (and for me, the phone is a perfect object to do so) and handheld so the body and camera are moving/working together – not on a tripod
  • Crossing landscapes with edits
  • Layering (I’ve been doing this with moving and still image and will continue)

Music has a creative commons licence and the rest of the footage/audio is mine although there is a face-altering filter as experimented with in A3 prep and I’m not entirely sure a out the permissions for that. An interesting thing to look into and become knowledgeable about … must be in the T&Cs which I will look at.

A very helpful list of all the films referenced in I Love Dick, Chris Kraus, Amazon TV 2017 https://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/entry/i-love-dick-feminist-art_us_590232c9e4b0af6d718cc8b4



A5: Reflection

I’ve had a bit of ‘writer’s block’ lately, which is hardly surprising given what is going on in my day to day life at the moment. But I think I need to go back to some fundamentals  – things which have been on my mind since starting this course.

  1. Self & Other appears to mean something very specific in terms of the course author and it’s not what I had in mind when I started. I am interested in the psychology, in how a self is formed and continually reformed in relation to other.
  2. Any form of expression once uttered, is the birth of other and inevitably the annihilation of self. In striving to express self one cannot help but kill it off as it transforms into other.
  3. The sign, therefore, is other.
  4. The sign is, nowadays, a very confused thing.
  5. As is the place where self and other start and end.
  6. I am interested in this confusion
  7. The confusion between self and other, surrounding boundaries.
  8. Whatever I do for A5 needs to be very simply an inquiry into the confusion around self and other, around boundaries.
  9. How I do that is another story…..

After weeks of experiencing this block – this very short experiment might just be a little breakthrough for me.

Experiments for A5 self and other #OCA #weareoca #movingimage #audio

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I am also so struck by the similarity of the some of the scenery in Meshes of the Afternoon by Maya Deren to my mother’s house in Italy. Recall, Jenny, my friend whose funeral I attended yesterday said “I shall have call you maya deren x” after I showed her the short film I edited together for A3 which was influenced by her writing. The effort it took for Jenny to send me this message, her very last to me, was enourmous and means so much more than the many facile and hyperbolic things people are in the habit of saying online nowadays. And because of that, I feel strongly that I need to and want to honour her memory and our friendship by making something which links to that comment in some way. I must rush to school now but I will write some more notes about this soon and keep experimenting with what I find in relation to this.



A5: Research Maya Deren




A5: Possible Material​

There is something in this that resonates for me

I’ve been thinking about using images from my family archive in any potential project. These are from an old Google file which I discovered this morning and I was quite excited about them. I had been thinking only about using the printed snaps in mine and my mum’s albums but I think I should be exploring the development of photography and narrative – where do the images go? How they exist sometimes in places we don’t visit such as that Google file.

IMG_0264IMG_0724IMG_0733IMG_0788IMG_0870IMG_0965IMG_0994IMG_1064  IMG_0846IMG_0935

A5: Self Portrait

One the ideas I’ve been working on since the beginning of the module is making a piece of work called Self Portrait which would be a series of images not of me but rather of my network of people – the idea comes from the notion that we are not discrete objects who live in a vacuum. Rather we are “complex nodes in a rich web of reciprocal information”. Carlo Rovelli, Reality is Not What It Seems, 2014 

Or else summed in the following quote which I used in UVC A4 in a section titled Collective Authorship

“There is no such thing as a single human being, pure and simple unmixed with other human beings. Each personality is a world in himself, a company of many. That self … is a composite structure … formed out of countless never-ending influences and exchanges between ourselves and others. These other persons are in fact, therefore, part of ourselves … we are members of one another.” (Riviere4, 1927: Holmes, 1993; 137

I have started playing with ideas and these images (more than little influenced by Thomas Ruff) are early some experiments. Taken at different times and edited with different choices, as I was merely attempting to see which way I would want to go – I’d need to make sure I set things up so I could, be consistent with light if this was the style I used in the end – but who wants to just aim to be another Ruff when he’s already very good at being that himself! I will sit with this idea for a while. Although it may not be where I head for A5 it is something I will continue to work on. The second image is available on Instagram without the ‘flickering signifier’ of white over it too but I was experimenting with that too.

I think in fact that perhaps the underlying notion is simply one which informs all my work and rather than trying to create vessels into which I put the idea  – to simply make work and trust that my central notion, the main inquiry will always be there in some way.

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A5: Blinkvideo

This site is a brilliant resource which I must record somewhere because it took me a while to recall what it was called and find where it was on the internet after my initial visit. Now I can’t find some work on it which I really loved when I first viewed it … there is just too much content  – how do we cope with it all?


Great – I apparently favourited the work I wanted to find. – Yay!

Erik Levine  – Still Lifes (I might already have mentioned this after all – I can’t recall.) I hope to have the afternoon to myself in which case I will take a look through Levine’s website. http://www.eriklevine.com


A5: Sketches I wish to return to for A5

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