Exercise 1.2

Research and create your own model release form.

These forms are based on the AOP document we’re directed to in the course folder, as well as drawing from a generic agreement list I have used for non-commercial and commercial work in the past. It includes a couple of points from my commercial T&Cs. They are drafts for now and I will no doubt return to them to check spelling, typos, etc before using them. I’m currently waiting for conformation I can use the space I hope to. If not I will need to look elsewhere. This is actually one of the biggest difficulties, again because my budget is quite near to nil so I am relying on favours and friends – which might become awkward. It’s like the Poor Theatre in many ways.

I do not use the word model and instead use participant because I hate ‘model’. It smacks of everything I’m trying to avoid or counter. I ams also concerned by the pseudo-legalese. It’s tricky.

Release and Agreement Form for Photography

Release and Agreement Form for Artwork Events